Terms and conditions B2B customer

Dear Business to Business (B2B) Customer,
Please contact us if you are interested in our collection. We will gladly make a B2B account for you when we receive your details including your VAT number. Apply here.

Website: Ryborg-urban.dk ApS
Company name: Ryborg Urban Designs
VAT: 40088911
Address: Taubersvej 8. 6000 Kolding Denmark
E-mail: ryborg@ryborg-urban.dk
Phone: +45 27597830

These sales and delivery terms and conditions apply to orders at www.ryborg-urban.dk, for delivery to B2B customers in the EU and international.

All wholesale prices on B2B webshop www.ryborg-urban.dk are quoted with 25% Danish VAT if you are a Danish customer and without 25% Danish VAT if you are from other countries. For customers outside the EU the prices are without VAT, custom duties and freight charges. Please note that in these countries you are responsible for paying the custom duties and import VAT, according to your country’s regulations. For customers in the EU we will not charge VAT, if you have a valid VAT number. We will ship your goods together with an invoice and you will have the following payment options. If you need to pay before delivery we will send you an invoice by email.
Please note that at present the webshop is set up in Danish kroner.

Prices are subject to pricing and typo errors and sold out items.

Payment options:
For established B2B customers you have two options:
1. pay latest 14 days after invoice date.
2. pay before delivery
For new customers and customers residing outside EU, excluding Norway and Switzerland, we ask for payment before delivery.

You can make payment by making a bank transfer to our Danish kroner account:

DKK account for all currencies
Ryborg Urban Designs ApS
Sydbank Kolding, Denmark
Account DKK : 7040-0002206489
IBAN: DK0470400002206489

General terms and Freigt charges
Shipping (as cheap as possible) and handling fees in the amount of 10,- EUR are added to all orders

Minimum order for new customers 400,- EUR – Minimum order for existing customers 200,- EUR per order both plus shipping and handling fees.

In all our transactions, Ryborg Urban Designs makes reservations for sold out goods, errors in price, typing errors or discontinued products, suspicion of fraud and force majeure. If one of the mentioned conditions should occur, we reserve the right to partially – or entirely cancel an order. Should any of the above mentioned occur in connection with your order, we will, of course, contact you as quickly as possible in order to resolve the situation.

When you receive an order confirmation, we will ship the order within 1-3 days.
You may expect extra delivery time during holidays and feasts. The order will be delivered within 5-7 working days. Ryborg Urban Designs will not be held responsible for any delay or failure from Post Danmark, GLS or other outside partners.

Returns and complaints
The buyer is responsible for carrying out a thoroughly examination of the goods upon receiving them. Any complaints about the goods must be made immediately and no later than 8 days after the arrival of the goods. In case of subsequent complaints, the buyer is prevented from making any claims toward Ryborg Urban Designs.
In the case of defects or Complaints you can write to ryborg@ryborg-urban.dk please enclose a picture of the problem. Return of the goods can only be done by prior arrangement and must be made within 1 month after the conclusion of the return agreement, otherwise it lapses. If the buyer has discovered or should have discovered the defect, and he does not advertise as stated, he cannot later assert the defect. The right to claim will lapse if the defect/fault is caused by the buyer, for example due to faulty repair or use.
If a product is returned due to a justified claim, we will, of course, refund all reasonable postal charges you may have, for returning the product. We will need the receipt for the postage costs.
The product must always be sent in the original packaging and remember to get a receipt for its dispatch. You are responsible for the package until we receive it. Save the postal receipt including information about postal charges.
Note! We do not accept packages sent per c.o.d. (cash on delivery) or the like.

Please return goods to:

Ryborg Urban Designs ApS
Taubersvej 8
6000 Kolding

Contact information

If you have questions or want to be one of our new dealers, please feel free to contact us.

Address: Taubersvej 8. 6000 Kolding Denmark
E-mail: ryborg@ryborg-urban.dk
Phone: +45 27597830
Opening hours: weekdays 9 am – 16 pm

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Ryborg Urban Designs ApS - Taubersvej 8 - 6000 Kolding - Danmark - CVR-nr.: 40088911